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Patricia Pacot-Osburn (Nassau, Bahamas) is one who values Education. Loves people, and Educating the Family, and her Community, by Providing individuals and businesses contractual support in the areas of business strategy by means of creating ideas that will enhance their business or Family brand (to the public).

Patricia holds a Master’s of Business Administration Certification Degree (St. Thomas University, FL.) in conjunction to a Master’s of Arts in Teaching with a TESOL Certification (University Of Southern California, CA).

She has worked both internationally, and within the state of Florida and West Michigan. Her experience in both the public and private sectors has afforded her the opportunity to create and author individually and conjunctively affirmations in business, children’s literature, in addition to provide reader engagement content for magazines and blogs.

Patricia prides herself by being able to offer both families and businesses with attainable solutions that will leave–legacy, by means of financial planning via financial needs analysis survey, life insurance, will and testament, college preparedness, mutual funds, and home & commercial system solutions.