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Office Furniture

Foundations & Endowments


Ralph C Wilson Jr. Foundation


McGregor Fund


Minority Freedom Community Fund

Our team includes seasoned professionals from the public and private foundation sector who are eager to bring custom solutions designed to maximize your foundation's programs and operations. Whether you're implementing a new or modifying your existing grants management system or looking to strengthen governance and HR procedures, we can help transform your organization.

Church Interior

Nonprofits & Churches

Camp Casey


Green Grove Missionary Baptist Church

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Krave Honors

Detroit College Access Network

Redeem Detroit

Detroit Resident First Fund

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Detroit Phoenix Center

Motor City Match


Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

We specialize in nonprofit development and compliance. This means, we can provide thoughtful, mission-aligned advice to your program while ensuring your organization adheres to local and federal 501(c)3 regulations and best-practices. Whether you need fundraising and grant-writing support, volunteer management technology, or fractional staffing to augment your small team, we can help. 

Candle Store Owner

Retail & E-Commerce


Brookway Finegoods & Fashion

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Bringing Love Back


Cleodii Vihjen

The retail industry is what drives consumer commerce. Let us help you optimize your sales and operations technology and processes. From vendor and site selection, to converting your brick and mortar into an online store poised for success, we can help monetize your business to reach your target customers and safeguard your business against common setbacks including shrinkage, turnover and chargebacks. Set your business apart by getting an advisor that's been where you are and can bring valuable lessons gained from real-word experience.


Felton EM2


Be Wild and Beautiful

Modern Office

Startup Companies


MET Services

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Signature Closings Co. LLC

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Don Roue' LLC

Our definition of startups include new for-profit and nonprofit entities, programs, ideas, and initiatives. If it's new, we'll help you design and implement solutions that work. We'll file registrations like tax permits and trademarks, advise on core business strategies like marketing and recruiting, and connect you with the vendors you need to get your startup running right. For first-time business & nonprofit leaders, we'll provide expert guidance to advise you on the unknowns. We'll help get your products on shelves at major department chains and help you navigate highly regulated industries including restaurants, transportation, and insurance.

Book of Laws

Professional Services

As a professional service firm, we understand firsthand how the unique challenges and opportunities your firm faces. From regulatory compliance, procurement, staffing, and space planning, we've got the resources you need to tackle it all. This incldues legal firms, medical clinics, tax professionals, accountants, artists, and more. 

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