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5 Reasons to Book a 30-Minute Consult

We offer a lot of services so we know that sometimes, you need a little inspiration to decide where to start. Our 30-minute consult service allows us to address targeted areas of concern and opportunity for you or your organization. Here are 5 common reasons entrepreneurs and professionals like you have booked 30 minute consults with our team:

1. Interview Prep - Whether you're interviewing for a job or with a prospective client, we're happy to work with you to rehearse your lines and give value-added feedback on how best to approach your meeting.

2. Investor Pitch Prep - A pitch to the right investor can literally change your life. That's why we recommend you work with our experienced pitch prep team to ensure your message lands the way you intend.

3. Fundraising Ideas - Nonprofit fundraising is filled with as many opportunities and challenges. Our clients are great at what they do but sometimes, you need fresh eyes on the matter. We're happy to chat with you and share some effective, actionable fundraising tactics to support your program's mission.

4. Technical Support - Can't figure out how to fix that Excel error code? Computer acting glitchy? Zoom features giving you a migraine? Website not updating properly? Chances are, we've seen it, and can help you fix it.

5. Whatever you want - It's your time. However we can empower you or your business, we're happy to tackle your problems and provide solutions.

We hope this helps you envision ways we can support you and your business or nonprofit. Get started today by requesting your 30-minute consult online.

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